Dipl.-Kfm. Guido Müller-Späth (commercial management)
  • Since 1902, customer requirements and the realisation of these requirements are our top priority
  • You can rely on our services - yesterday, today and tomorrow!
  • We maintain a fair cooperation with our customers, suppliers and staff members based on partnership
  • Our production processes are designed to protect resources and to enable a sustainable production
  • It is our obligation to fulfil our obligations with respect to quality, safety and environmental aspects
  • We carry out our business activities in accordance with the applicable laws
  • Our quality-, environmental- and safety performance is subject to continuous improvement
  • We respect and protect company and business secrets of our business partners
  • We object to any kind of discrimination

Our reliability and the high demand on the quality of our products are appreciated worldwide. We are the leader in strip electroplating production. Our export quota is approx. 74%.

Since 1902, customer requirements and the realisation of these requirements are our top priority.

In 1935 an additional plant had been built in the neighboring city Balve for the production of curtain rods, profiles, carpet bars, hinges and various small hardware parts.

In 1990, the families Hekhorn and Schmidlin took over the company, and subsequently purchased a building with a production area of 8,000m2 at Finnentrop. After the complete relocation of the production 5 years later, the production area had been extended to 11,000m2 in 2008.

In 2016, the company had been taken over by the Wuppertal-based GESCO Group.


120 years PGW!

Our company anniversary fills us with great pride, but is also a commitment to sustainability and foresight for us. We look ahead and plan with great confidence. Pickhardt & Gerlach® will continue to meet the demands of the markets in the future. We focus on technical advancements, and in the long run offer our very demanding clientele sustainable and competitive products that meet the highest quality standards. We act value-oriented. Under the motto "Tradition meets Innovation", we focus on continuity and future-oriented technologies.


registration of brand names

In 2020, brand names for our products were registered with the German Patent Office. These include the EMONI® product line for applications in micro- and e-mobility.


New brass line - brass 3

As a result, a new brass line was already projected in 2018 and will be commissioned from 2020.

2018 - 2020

news markets, new products

Progressive ideas for opening up new markets and products were implemented.


ISO 50001 certification

The decision to introduce an energy management system and its certification according to ISO 50001 in 2017 was based on the consistent further development of our integrated management system for quality, environmental protection and safety. To this end, our commitment to steadily increasing energy efficiency was integrated into the corporate policy and thus into the corporate objectives.


Acquisition by GESCO Group

In 2016, the owner family Hekhorn decided to sell PGW to GESCO Group in Wuppertal as part of a succession plan.


Acquisition and expansion

In 1990 the families Hekhorn and Schmidlin took over the company and 5 years later bought a hall in Finnentrop with 8000 m2 production area. After the complete relocation of the production, 5 years later in 2008 the production area was expanded to 11,000 m2.



In 1902, the traditional company Pickhardt & Gerlach® (PGW) was founded in Werdohl, Westphalia, as a rolling and finishing mill by the merchants Wilhelm Pickhardt and Friedrich Gerlach.